apr 18


 Every time I think I might get meta about this medium (i.e., write about the structural language of blogs themselves), the episteme fails me. So I'll try to illustrate by example. Peter Maass is a writer at the New York Times Magazine who I enjoy reading. He has a blog. It's never great, and never bad, but it ususally gives me a clue into what the New York Times Magazine might be doing next. To people like me, that's interesting. Anyway. He's in Pakistan this week. He writes that he just had his first encounter with Brain Masala. He writes: "Quite popular in Karachi, and not at all bad; soft in texture and gentle in taste, much like tofu, though high in cholesterol, I'm told." That's it. That's why I like blogs. When whatever he's writing for the New York Times Magazine comes out, I will be thinking of Brain Masala.

 The Replacements were going to reunite, but someone ruined it. Who? Axl-Fucking-Rose, that's who.

 According to NME, The Smiths are the most influential band of that last 50 years, and the top eight are all from England. My personal poll: the best unregarded Smiths song: "Sweet and Tender Hooligan."

 I spent last night stuffing my roommate's band's new CD in envelopes to be sent to radio stations. That's a plug.

 Where's Osama? Your government thinks he escaped.

 Forget the Mini, I'll wait for the new VW which gets 235 miles per gallon.

 Woo-hoo! McDonald's is losing money!

 Another good biomorphic Bjork video: "Pagan Poetry" (large load-time).

 The "woodchipper house" from the movie Fargo is on sale at eBay.

 Salon has a dumb column about women who wear glasses (which doesn't once make reference to Tina Fey or Ashleigh Banfield).

 Movie rumor: David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room) to direct Mission Impossible 3. Poor guy is really slipping.

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