apr 26

it's friday, and i'm in love with you

 Plug: the roomie's band has their CD release party tonight.

 Friday time-wasters: Miniature Golf and Darts.

 Yummy, this week's "This American Life" is about mapping.

 I remember an atrocious Maxim article headlined "How To Trick Your Girlfriend Into Anal Sex." The operative word seemed to be "Trick." Ummmm? They keep up the hijinks with this piece about catching her cheating.

 "The veil? It protects us from ugly women." --Jean-Marie Le Pen

 Poor Woody Allen. I saw Hollywood Ending last night, and it was pathetically bad. All the characters were stereotypes of every Woody character. Sad.

 Manson Denied 10th Parole Bid.

 Umberto Eco explains why short forms of modern communication can be simply irresistible.

 "Ask Kelly", the new advise column in YM from Kelly Osbourne.

 Cancel that trip to Broadway. Saddam's romantic novel is hitting the stage.

 Boards of Canada has a new website that's neato. Mouse-controlled video and sound fx.

 Moby, Hendrix-style, surrounded by naked girls.

 Rah, the season finales are coming.

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