apr 29

the good

I'm all about the Good Things In Life today. Here are some.

 The new issue of my recently-decided-upon favorite magazine, Index, arrived today. It's such a delightful little thing. I mean, can you do something as cool as have Ian Svenonius interview Howard Zinn?

 Saturday night's Iron Chef was the sushi episode. It was so excellent. It made me happy to be home alone on a Saturday night.

 I listened to the new Wilco all day. Great record. It's somewhere between "The Flaming Lips suddenly remebers they're from Texas" and "What Neil Young promised but never delivered." The New Republic and PopMatters have reviews. Distance has a way of making love understandable....

 The Russian Avant-Garde Book. I should be using that art history minor to make such good things.

 Slate.com: The Filming of Philip K. Dick. Good writing, but butter thinking, just like Dick. It also tells me that Richard Linklater might direct A Scanner Darkly.

 Amazon.com sent me a reminder last week about my encroaching birthday. Thanks Amazon. Thanks so, so, so much for reminding me. They told me to update my Wish List and send it to people. But I could never....

 A work-thing I made for the 10-Year L.A. Riots Anniversary (today).

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