may 2

soft ware

 Always provocative Tony Pierce has funny piece about the Anna Kournikova Penthouse nudes (click on through the pictures), which culminates with a survey. I said culminates, not climaxes.

 DayPop is a blog search utility that I occasionally use. My fave new feature: Most Popular Wish List Items, gathered from 700+ blogger wish lists.

 In addition to Adobe suing Macromedia, now Apple is suing Macromedia. Why are the only three companies that make good software suing each other?

 MetaFilter has a long thread today about favorite sandwiches.

 Huh, ya know those new Gap commercials? You know the ones. They're directed by the Coen Brothers, Cameron Crowe and Roman Coppola.

 It's called kerning: MEGAFLICKS.

 The Minnesota Daily did a story on Work of Saws. I had no idea that my roommate was "quietly unassuming and reliable." Dave sounds like the nicest guy in the world! And Brock? Well, he's "the confident schoolboy who hasn't yet learned of self-consciousness." Poor Brock.

 Bill Clinton: talk show host?

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