may 3

sexie veggie

 PETA poll: Sexiest Vegetarians Alive. (And the winners are not Jude Law, Thora Birch, Mos Def, Don Imus, Gavin Rossdale, Pamela Anderson, Thom Yorke, Drew Barrymore, Moby, David Duchovny, Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Clinton, Fiona Apple, or Brigitte Bardot.)

 McDonald's is changing its name to Man Foods in Egypt. How... manly.

 Wow, Saddam is prolific. He has a second novel out: The Impregnable Fortress. make yourself in Legos.

 This weeks winner of "Not An Onion Headline Because It's Real" headline: Monopoly Makers Accused Of Monopoly.

 Is it a Qrime? Crazy digi-art that has something to do with violence, I think.

 Our mayor (no, not our governor) is calling for a "hole-y war" against Krispy Kreme.

 Looks like that in addition to NBC, other networks including CNN, BBC, and PBS all wanted Bill Clinton for a talk show. It doesn't look like he'll take any of the offers.

 What am I doing this weekend? Probably reading The City Pages Best of 2002.

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