may 12


 Architect Rem Koolhaas was asked to design a new EU flag. He came up with this.

 For those keeping score at home, Adobe was awarded $2.8 million in its lawsuit with Macromedia over draggable menus. But in a counter-suit, Macromedia won $4.9 million in a case over changing blended elements. No word yet on the Apple lawsuit against Macromedia over the use of the Sorenson video streaming technology. I'm sure the final outcome of all this will be that Microsoft just buys all of them.

 Poet Derek Walcott interviewed in the NYTimes Mag.

 The Economist has a story about the surge of urbanization towards "megacities" in developing nations.

 Not exactly a design house itself, Forbes names the The World's 50 Ugliest Buildings.

 Last night, BBC held a "Test The Nation" convergence experiment in which people took an online IQ quiz synched with a tv event. The data set was then be used for various models, such as for creating distributive maps link this one.

 Not reassuring: NASA is shopping on eBay for space shuttle replacement parts. On the other hand, you can also pick up a 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablet for $10.

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