may 13

video killed the mall

 It was only a matter of time before music videos became interchangeable with malls. If videos weren't already disguised attempts at style-driven consumption (pft, of course they are), a brand new form of music video e-commerce is just around the corner. First, check out a Flash music video from no one smaller than the New York Times Magazine: Alanis Morissette. Notice how you navigate through a slideshow of Alanis dressed up in various consumer objects from Saks, Yves Saint Laurent, and Harley-Davidson while she chimes "Precious Illusions." (Isn't that ironic. Don't you think?) It's like "PopUp Video" with the information you really want to know: where can I buy that? If this friendly elision of commerce and music is a little disconcerting (though, let's be honest, how can it be anymore?), a new technology from VideoClix moves it up another notch. VideoClix basically makes QuickTime files clickable. The outcome of this technology goes straight to e-commerce: Macy Gray, as a clickable mall.

 Since we're on the topic, I have no interest in joining the Moby hype machine. (Moby's last album, Play, was the product pusher par excellence, with all 18 tracks being licensed for a film or a TV show or a commercial or a trailer or all of the above.) But Mobyblips are an interesting footnote. Moby is designing little Flash animations each day leading up the release of the new album on Tuesday. I guess I'll also point out the video. And, yes, I want to buy everything in it.

 Awesome, the Pope has blessed the internet.

 Paul Wellstone is on the cover of The Nation this week. The story.

 Goodie, the Duchamp urinal is for sale.

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