jul 21


Will bestiality ever be acccepted into the range of normalized sexual expression?
Rex, do you like donkeys or something?

I went to a Dan "Savage Love" Savage reading a couple years ago. (He's the sex columnist who appears in the back of most alt-weeklies and is now editor of The Stranger.) He told a funny story about meeting a guy on a radio program that claimed to absolutely "love" his horse. Yes, in that way. Savage said that it got him thinking about how American society has shed most sexual taboos, but wondered if sex with animals would ever be culturally acceptable.

But the funny moment came when Savage asked the guy if his horse was a male or female.

There was a long pause. And then the philo-equestrian said very sternly "I AM NOT A HOMOSEXUAL."

I remembered this story when Kevin passed on a review by Peter Singer of a new book on bestiality.

(NOTE: I put a poll on here, grabbing the code from Freetools.com. I was hoping to have the ColdFusion done for my own polling mechanism done be now, but I'm hungover and lazy.)

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