may 14

gadget slut in heaven

 The Strib somehow managed to find someone in Raleigh with a Swedish name to hire as its new editor.

 This sucks. Politically Incorrect is being replaced with a show by Jimmy Kimmel. Not only that, but there's going to be a Maxim TV Network.

 I should be in Norwich in October. For the first Buffy The Vampire Slayer conference, that is. I think I'd present on.... "Buff bodies, cool clothes."

 The first season of The Transformers is available on DVD.

 I've updated my Wish List with a bunch of DVDs.

 I know, I said I was gonna stop linking to these, but I can't help it: Which Pixies Song Are You? (I'm "In Heaven".)

 In Japan, the new Sony Vaio is out. Back here at home, I've decided not to get the Handspring Treo, and am waiting for the Nokia 9210i.

 So You Wanna: Be An Indie Rock Expert? | Be A Vegan | Enjoy Sushi | Be A Model | Donate Sperm.

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