may 15


 I've been playing around with ScreenBlast, an entertainment application/portal from Sony. Because I'm working on something similar (in a completely different context), I like the thing where you drag-and-drop clips for mixing your own episode of Dawson's Creek. No, seriously, I do. You can save your creations, and then send your remixes to people. Here's mine. (The final implementation sucks. I think there are five different popup windows to get it it.)

 I don't live in New York (well, except when I flake/freak out every few years, and move there for a few months), but it's still worth linking to the Voice's new 100 Best and Cheapest Asian Restaurants. (Other worthwhile's in this week's Voice: Hong Kong Film Fest | Michaelangelo Matos On Moby | False 'Hood: Canal Street.)

 From The Morning News: Guide to New York Jargon.


 Interesting. A digital art piece at the New Museum of Contemporary Art was taken offline because it was conducting surveillance on outside computers.

 The winners of the Prix Ars Electronica 2002 awards were just announced. Scroll down to "Net Vision / Net Excellence" and you find Rhizome's Carnivore, They Rule, BotFighters, Logicaland, Minitasking, and DonnieDarko -- all sites linked from here at one time or another. goes so far as to call the new Wilco "techno-folk," which we haven't heard since the days of mid-period Beck.

 Pitchfork has an interview with our own local version of techno-folk, The Fog, who's now on Ninja Tune and would be a stretch to compare to Wilco. For those familiar with his work, Broder comes off learned in this interview.

 The record label where purported pipe-bomber Luke Helder recorded his album is now forced to defend itself.

 The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting first-hand anonymous account of being a liberal arts prof and an alcoholic: "Addicted In Academe" (print it and read it at home). I don't agree with some of the intro, but the language is sparky and accurate.

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