jun 28

Wikipedia Breaks News

This is one of the strangest stories I've seen in a while. Did you see the story about the professional wrestler (Chris Benoit) who killed his wife, son, and himself earlier this week? Apparently, he may have been involved in editing his own Wikipedia entry right after doing it. Best part is that the entry seems to have revealed his wife was dead before anyone actually knew this. Update: the comments and this Newsvine post have more on this. Update #2: Dude who edited it says it was a "terrible coincidence."


it remains to be seen, but i don't think he was the guy who edited the entry. the IP in question can be tracerouted back to Stamford, CT, which is where WWE headquarters are located. benoit himself was in georgia at that time. the IP address of the person who edited the page has a history of vandalism on wikipedia. here is an interesting tidbit from the talk page for that user (before it got rolled back and locked): of all the edits made by that IP, only one was not vandalism. the one that wasn't was the page for another wrestler, a wrestler who was reportedly a recipient of the post-murder, pre-suicide text messages.

anyway, here is the edit made to the Chris Benoit page. (Scroll down to see it in red.)

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