may 19


Today's theme: The City, Virtual And Real

 Build Your Own City.

 Stanza's The Central City and The Inner City and Amorphoscapes are interesting digi-art abstract meditations on urbanism.

 Fascinating historical maps of Minneapolis. The one from 1935 is amazing. It shows the city broken into districts with names like "Hobohemia" and "Slum" and "Negro Section (Largest In City)". It's like the externalization of the historically repressed. I currently live in what was then called the "Gold Coast."

 New at Architectural Record, an interview with Bruce Mau, who has worked with Rem Koolhaus and Frank Gehry.

 New at MIT Technology Review, 10 Technology Disasters, many of which are architectural disasters. is a piece of software that enables you to track your moods and compare them with others around the globe. You can rate your mood, creativity, alcohol in-take, or anything you like, and it creates graphs that you can use to compare your moods day to day.

 MetaPet has finally launched. I'll let the Times describe this crazy game.

 I live a few blocks away from the Walker Museum and have been watching the building expansion close up. I've been considering doing an independent display here of the building/engineering process.

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