may 20


 Stephen Jay Gould has died. Looking back, here's a Mother Jones interview with him from 1997.

 The Matrix: Reloaded preview.

 Thought Abercrombie & Fitch went too far last time? How about thong underwear for 10-year-olds.

 Oh, alright, one more. Which Osbourne Are You?

 The Scourge Of Arial.

 Review of Belle And Sebastian's soundtrack to the flop Storytelling.

 NPR's Geoffrey Nunberg has a piece (audio) on the term "blog" and the evolution of internet technology language.

 Strange things found on Amazon:
Death Sticks
Rapid Ice Beer Chillers
Wine Saver Set
Litecubes 6 Pack
3-Car Complete Train Bar Set
Cow Vac
Homer Simpson e-Pal
The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner

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