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may 22

happy birthday to me

 According to "100 noted writers from 54 countries" these are the 100 best works of fiction. How many have you read? Me: 31, none of them in the last five years though. Hmmmm....

 Four Cannes stories: Mike Leigh Gives Hollywood The Finger | Adam Sandler In New P.T. Anderson Flick | Cronenberg's New Film, Spiders | Rosanna Arquette Doesn't Make Yesterday's Fimoculous List.

 This is the first time I've felt squeamish about linking to something. has digitized the Daniel Death Pearl Propaganda Video.

 Eric Alterman starts a blog (on

 The Onion: Factual Error Found On Internet. Even has a quote from WIRED editor Paul Boutin.

 Silkworm (remember them?) presents the Musical Correctness Calculator, based upon the Musical Correctness Scale.

 Brooke Gladstone of On The Media is writing a column in this week.

 When HurryDate just isn't fast enough, try SpeedDating. Or RapidDating. Or, hell, how about 8 Minute Dating.

 McSweeney's: Hardy Boys Novel Or Death Metal Album?

 Good Winona gossip, about the self-deprecating episode of SNL.

 Google is showing off some of its test products at New things include a glossary, voice search, and keyboard shortcuts.

 Crazy internet. Big, Beautiful Women Figurines.

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