may 24


 Let's call it the alpha and omega of friday frivolity: 100 Best Online Games.

 I mentioned linking to the Daniel Pearl video a couple days ago, and now Wired News has a story about the FBI trying to get it offline.

 Yahoo Internet Life has posted a story about Web Cam Girls, which seems like a blatant rip-off of's somewhat controversial Web Cam Girls story from last year.

 Completely Local Stuff:

 Minneapolis will have its own women's radio station.

 According to the Strib, No Name is a big name.

 Loring Cafe closure looks absolute.

 The Strib managing editor, Pam Fine, has quit. Although no one has said it, it could be because of the new editor hired a couple weeks ago.

 The usual ruckus about the college newspaper's year-ending satire issue.

 Vespas are taking over the Cities!

 Decoding the Minnesota driver's license.

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