may 28


 Conduits are always barriers, are they not? Those people you need to get you somewhere else always try to block you from getting there. This is the big game.

 Arafat chips. Yeah, you heard me right, I said Arafat chips.

 Napster is dead. Up next on the block: Audiogalaxy. Oh yeah, Kazaa is officially dead now too.

 Cannes updated: Polanski wins, Paul Thomas Anderson ties for Best Director, Special Anniversary prize goes to Michael Moore. (Collection of links here.)

 McSweeny's: Questions Most Frequently Asked By Bookstore Customers.

 Poynter's Jill Geisler wrote an unintentionally hilarious column about "" last week, which I forgot to link to. Romenesko's letters box has an intentionally fucking funny response that I thought about writing too.

 I've got something like a hundred cable channels, and for some reason not one of them is the Sundance channel. But if you have it, I hope you're watching this. (A review.) (Don't worry, it's safe.) Mickey Rourke's Desperate Truths.

 Just to show that ethics and aesthetics are more linked than you might like to think, the WTC terrorists seem to lack keen judgement of both.

 Architecture: All Blobs Lead To Rome, a new site dedicated to SF writer Samuel Delany.

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