may 30

Hearing Lowercase

 I just watched the trailer to CQ, a new film from Roman Coppola. It looks like Barbarella for the millennial set, which, well, sounds just like my kinda thing. And it has Dean Stockwell. The website has some crazy stuff, including a downloadable PDF book and something called Experience CQ. It's apparently in theaters already, but probably only on the coasts.

 The Museum of Sex in Chelsea opened a while ago, but I didn't stumble across this exhibit until recently: NYC SEX: How New York City Transformed Sex In America. In the 1001 Nights In Manhattan people navigate to places on a map and leave stories about sexual escapades. Can you find mine?

 "Lowercase Sound" has been floating around for a while, but it appears to be getting some media attention lately. The style emphasizes low volumes, silences, soundscapes, and found sound. There's even a label. Wired News has a story on the medium, with a bunch of sample MP3s.

 I know a girl who used to babysit Anne Nicole Smith's kid. She had some crazy stories. But now we get to see the real thing on E!.

 Ari Fleischer doesn't just spin -- he flat out lies. has added a new category: Restaurants. Darn, one of my favorite resaurants, Millennium in San Fran, doesn't have a menu there yet.

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