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may 31


 Quiz time. Which of these magazine titles is an actual "Maxim clone," due to hit newsstands soon? Razor, Stun, Controversy, Swung, King, or Smooth. Answer: all of them. The world just got a little dumber.

 I'm looking forward to next month's Shirin Neshat exhibit at the Walker. There's also three days of Lord of the Birds, a performance that involves film, music and theater. (For more on Neshat, see this slideshow and this interview.)

 This would be the best Celebrity Death Match ever, but it's actually real: Noam Chomsky vs. Bill Bennett. (Thanks TJ.)

 Couple CQ reviews: SF Bay Guardian | New York Times.

 New issue of XLR8R (the hip-hop issue) is out, with Blackalicious on the cover.

 Porno-Graphics are odd little flash parodies of online pornography (don't worry, it's rated PG, and a little funny).

 Interesting navigation scheme: Anke Bauer. You navigate by shooting objects in the cross-hairs. (Anke Bauer is a German illustrator.)

 I'm gonna feel guilt about this for a while, but I just laid down $650 for a phone. Okay the new Nokia is more than just a phone -- it's a PDA, a phone, an email client, an SMS client, a game port, a flash application, and some other things. Yet, still probably not worth 650 frog skins. A review.

 And of course, the Friday fun game: Pee In The Urinal (you have to sit through an animation to get to the game).

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