jun 1


 Secret James Joyce manuscripts discovered, and then purchased by Ireland for $11.7 million.

 ABC's upcoming fall series Push, Nevada sounds like it could tread some new interactive ground (and not just cuz Pepsi is involved). The series comes from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's company, LivePlanet. The site says: "Push, Nevada is an interactive television, new media, and physical world experience. The audience will be incentivized to watch the show, participate online and travel to physical world locations in an attempt to win a very real reward." (How do you know it's a dot.com? When they use words like "incentivize" without giggling.) Here is a video of the producers talking about the show, and here is a preview video. [If you're interested in some theory behind such entertainment convergence, mssv.net has sound structural essays and TVMeetsTheWeb.com has video from a European conference with technology and business speakers.]

 Similarly, the site for the movie Sum Of All Fears (coincidentally starring Ben Affleck?) has a spy game where you track terrorists.

 Also in convergence land, I'll be following Yahoo's success in putting the World Cup online for $20.

 Last one in this meme: News On Wheels from J.D. Lasica of OJR. The piece has some interesting insights into the future of "telematics," effectively the synthesis of automobiling, computing, and news.

 Looks like the The Onion is following Minnesota baseball politics: Congress Threatens To Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol Is Built.

 That time of the year again. Turner Prize short list announced. Commence the controversy. Also, the Times Mag has a profile of Okwui Enwezor, the curator of Documenta XI.

 HarperCollins has taken over publishing of Charles Bukowski, Paul Bowles, and John Fante from struggling Black Sparrow Press.

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