jun 5

no journo

 I'm gonna say this once and only once: if you think blogging is about journalism, you really aren't aspiring to utopian moment of the medium, are you?

 Slate.com is doing something interesting. Each morning this week, Nora Ephron and Kurt Anderson write little emails to each other about the media/culture of the day. What intrigues me is how it feels like conversations I have with friends -- synchronously personal and professional, intimate and public. I also love them because they sound like the only people in the world who consume more media than me.

 The new DJ Shadow album is getting rave reviews (and so is that website). Haven't heard it yet, but I'm liking the new Flaming Lips.

 Throwback in time: the guy that used to design the Dungeons & Dragons art has his own website.

 The Lost Love Project sees people leave stories behind of, yup, lost love. Read 'em or leave 'em.

 Loooooooonnnng (sorry, not feeling up to it tonight) City Pages article about the Twin Cities Literary Scene, written sorta like a guide book, but not quite pulled off as a navigable interface.

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