jun 7


 I've been slow in posting lately. I think I've been too absorbed in the trial of the century. The Winona case, of course.

 That new Nokia finally came. But when I called my wireless provider to get it switched over, they said "we don't support that phone." Great. Now I might send it back. Anyway, I played with it all night and discovered it is all these things:

  • Phone
  • PDA
  • Calendar
  • Audio Recorder
  • Digital Camera
  • Text Messenger
  • Calculator
  • Alarm Clock
  • Word Processor
  • Power Point Presenter
  • Internet Browser
  • Image Editor
  • Video Player
  • Fax Modem
  • Flash Player
  • CoolTown.com, from Hewlett-Packard, is an imaginary space where all the above devices and more are avaialable all the time, everywhere. This video is the best explanation of this "utopian" wireless space and this FAQ shows their vision of a mobile future.

     The big newspaper in Beijing accidentally ran a story from The Onion as fact.

     The future of the Scanning Your Own Groceries with an interactive graphic. This really ruins The Replacements "Customer" for me.

     And of course, Friday fun: Create You Own South Park Character. A coworker put together this page of our company.

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