jun 9


 My first official summer activity: went to the Farmer's Market today with mom.

 The wonderful Mirror Project is one year old. Fimoculous has a birthday in a week too.

 The National Trust Historical Preservation 11 Most Endangered Historic Places now includes The Guthrie. That's bad news for The Walker.

 NYC Flash Forward 2002 finalists announced. I spent the last two hours perusing those sites.

 Is Russ Meyer, "the closest thing America has produced to Rabelais," really an artist?

 Yahoo is going to redesign its front page to become more advertiser-friendly. Great screengrab of Yahoo's first homepage (wow, remember that?).

 Sunday Times Mag has the theme of Money this week. There is the success story about Advanced Book Exchange and the non-success story of eToys.com. There's also a slideshow that looks at seven families who have nearly the exact median income of an America household ($54,400). Of course it must contain the proverbial family from Fargo.

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