jun 10

britney was a punk rocker

 If you were looking for one picture that defines this decade, I'd vote for this one.

 I'm still geeking out with the Nokia. I'm impressed with the processor speed (which handles the Gorillaz video fine), and on top of everything else, I have it playing MP3s now. Up next: reading a book on it. I may never need human contact again.

 The saga of Movie88.com/Film88.com has been fascinating to watch. After a tour through Tehran, the newest development of global-political intrigue sees the Netherlands getting involved and shutting down the site.

 Gimme! Naked People Clothes.

 The 2002 Sci-Tech Web Awards from Scientific American.

 Three of the 10 biggest films of all time are in theaters right now.

 This World Cup application is a really good example of when Flash can display information better than HTML.

 Geeky and urban at the same time: Build Your Own Cityscape.


 Cheap Hotels from Taschen Books looks like it might be my kind of coffee table book.

 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is 30 years old. An interview with Hunter.

 After a hundred attempts by the mainstream press -- and trust me, I've read them all -- someone has finally written the piece about blogs that actually gets close to the tension of the community: A Rift Among Bloggers. (Metafilter nation is slamming it though.) Waaaaaay too many journalists think InstaPundit.com is the paradigm-defining moment, and waaaaaay too many bloggers think Kottke.org is. I'm probably more sympathetic to the latter group -- these late-to-the-scene journalists remind me of 1991, when suddently everyone was suddenly donning flannels, listening to Nirvana, and doing their best to fit in with the culture. I guess I'm claiming to be the Black Flag of blogging.

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