jun 17

pomo blues

 Are you following this personal saga of mine? The fucking Nokia (which I love-hate-love) finally has internet access -- theoretically, through VoiceStream. In the process, I learned the nuances of GPRS versus GSM. Like you care. But now I find out that I need to get a compliant ISP. Argh.

 I had an impromptu party on Saturday after the block party. (Don't ask me how Medeski, Martin & Wood were -- I don't remember.) As the dozen of us stumbled into my house, some punk kids standing out front said "damn yuppies." I laughed and cried. Can't we all just get along?

 Hilarious. A University student blames teachings of postmodernism on his depression. This is not an Onion article.

 The literary establishment in Iraq simply loves Saddam's newest novel.

 For webbies: Pixelsurgeon has two somewhat controversial interviews: Todd Purgason | Jakob Nielsen

 MEETUP has the potential to revolutionize the way we think of virtual and real spaces. Yes, it's funny I just wrote that sentence, but it's true. The idea is very simple: use the service to arrange groups based upon shared interests. For instance, the Minneapolis Bloggers group is meeting next month.

 I'm not sure why I'm comparing it, but this moment of the virtual and real colliding (which causes us to question the dichotomy in the first place) also happens at Fridges & Streets, a site dedicated to the hum of refridgerators around the world.

 It's the 30-year anniversary of Watergate. Thing I made for work: Who Was Deep Throat?

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