jun 18


 When I saw PreCrime.org, I assumed it must be a Minority Report publicity stunt. Apparently not. Which is harder to believe: there are people who think this is good or this could actually be technically possible? Meanwhile, Lexus and Nokia are both touting their gadget contributions to Minority Report.

 As someone who can remember the day he sat down in the coffeeshop to read the very first issue of Wired (with Bruce Sterling on the cover), I can tell you my version of the mag's history: Early Years: Intrepid social libertarians with an art flare. Middle Years: Sucka yuppies who buy into the "new economy" and editorially bust in the middle of the boom. Contemporary: Bouncing back, finding the stride, looking for the cultural in the technospace. Yet I'm still worried; they're back to using the phrase "new economy" again.

 Women Bloggers In Iran seem to be changing society.

 ASCII Hot Or Not.

 I was worried when I recently told some friends that Kieslowski's Troi Coleurs were perhaps the greatest films of the 90s, and they didn't know who or what I was talking about. Well, Salon.com knows what I'm talking about.

 I stumbled across Gene Simmons' new mag, Tongue, a couple weeks ago in Border's. Here's a report.

 The American Prospect tackles Koolhaus.

 ConfideInMe.com is a place where you go to leave secrets. Simple but addictive. Similar in form to DreamCatcher.com, where people leave last night's dreams, but unfortunately two teenage girls appear to have taken over DreamCatcher. Which is a good lesson, because these kinds of spaces have so much potential -- it just depends on who shows up. Here's a good story from ConfideInMe.com:

When I was living in the dorm, someone used to always steal my veggies that I kept in a little fridge in my room. So I sprayed them with insecticide. They kept on disappearing. I never heard of anyone dying in the dorm, but I am pretty sure that whoever it was must have ingested that stuff. Even if you wash vegetables that have been treated with pesticides before you eat them, the pesticides penetrate vegetable skins. I hope that it doesn't lead to genetic disorders for the thief.

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