jun 19

meet the blogger

 Me: top, middle.

 RockCritics.com forum: Five Best Uses of "Fuck" in a Song

 Emily Nussbaum pens the ode to a new literary form, the online personal.

 McSweeney's: Actual Headlines From The March In Style Magazine.

 In this corner: Local Blog Meetup. In this corner: Local Slashdot Meetup. The slash-dotters are trouncing us in attendance!

 Good lead for a review of the new Bowie: "I'm tired of attending funerals for David Bowie."

 To go with This Is London's review of Minority Report, there's a piece by Douglas Coupland on his vision of the future. And Time's review jumps into a PDK retrospective. Also, of you care, Roger Ebert loved it.

 If you could direct a biopic about anyone, who would you pick? You can't have Edgar Allan Poe and Phillip K. Dick, cuz they're mine.

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