jun 20


 John Sayles, who is perhaps the last political filmmaker in American (what, you gonna tell me Speilberg is?), has a new movie coming out about Florida: The Sunshine State (trailer).

 Genuinely uncool Fortune magazine has gone on the road to find Cool Companies.

 You may have read the accusations that sans Michael Kinsley at the helm Slate.com is turning into Salon.com. I don't agree, but I really like it when Slate.com does goofy pieces like this analysis of frozen pizza.

 Looks like there's some new Pocko books out. (I love these things.)

 Hmph, there goes the neighborhood.

 I don't exactly have time for this, but I like the Random Kant Generator.

 Good stuff for news designers out there: The Typography of News.

 Of course you know this already, but the Webby Award Winners are out.

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