jun 23

your future

 You wanna know about me? This ain't one of those meandering "personality blogs," where you read the sloppy late-night postings of a web-cam hottie. (Oh, but how I wish it were.) Instead we will dismiss all that non-sense as I take the dare to describe my entire existence in just one sentence. Just one. In fact, I'll make the challenge more difficult by simply recounting my Friday night in one sentence. Here goes: While I drank a six-pack of James Page on the red couch, the tv was tuned to "Iron Chef," but on mute, with the close-captioning on, so I could listen to the new Sonic Youth album (which rocks) and instant-message Barb in Florida from the new phone/computer Nokia. That's it. That's me, and my Friday night. It's also your grim future. Up next: less talk, more rock.

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