jun 24


 Back when I was part of the microcosm known as "rock critic culture" (yes, Virginia, there is a such a scary thing) I wanted to write about the typology of rock critics. Someone (actually, Nate Patrin, who apparently lives here, though I don't know him) finally has. Your Guide to Spotting the North American Rock Critic includes the categories Keeper Of The Canon, Indie Thug, Pop Thug, The Zeitgest Obsessive, The Intellectual, Gonzo, The Diarist, The Creative Writer, The Sociopolitical Major, The Harmless Shill. [I was the ones in bold.]

 Would You Have Invested in Microsoft in 1978, when these were the 11 employees at the software giant?

 New magazines coming to a newsstand near you: In Touch, The American Conservative, Justice, American Curves, Chic Simple, Living Room, Budget Living, Common Good, and Style 24-7.

 Anil Dash has a little ditty about the differences between white people and black people in movie theaters. It's a little essentialist, but otherwise on-target.

 New R. Kelly song: "Heaven, I Need A Hug".

 Bin Laden is apparently alive and looking for more face time.

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