jun 25

the future is lame

 Minority Report was good, not great. It will fall some near the bottom of the "Top 10 Movies of 2002" list. It could have been great if Spielberg could figure out how to end a movie. I really don't understand his problem -- at the end of A.I. he self-destructed with at least five different places where it seemed like a good place finish. But he keeps sprawling, unable to tie all the piecees together in the end. He's a walking shaggy dog story. The best part: the ads. The problem is that this kind of advertising saturation is fine for a dystopian future in which personalization will kill us all. But I don't really want it to be a trend.

 BuddyHead.com is full of musical oddities like Vincent Gallo interviewing himself (which was supposed to appear in the defunct Beastie Boys mag Grand Royal) and insane Fred Durst and Slayer interviews. The music reviews use an "Axl Rose" rating system. In what be the coolest prank of the decade, the proprietors also once stole three Fred Durst baseball caps and sold them on eBay, with proceeds going to a rape counseling organization.

 What the hell? Why is it that on an average Wednesday evening in July these three events are all happening at the same time: Minnesota Blogger Meetup, Mum at the Women's Club, DJ Spooky at First Ave.

 Syracuse is planning to build a mall bigger than the one next to here.

 In The Voice: Chuck reviews Linus of Hollywood and Matos reviews Slug.

 Two flash-based NYC things to ponder AroundGroundZero.net | WTC2002.

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