jul 29

Sunday Ignoscenti Reading

Fragments of conversations heard at the Sunday ignoscenti dinner table:

"I don't get it. What's a blog? Is it a diary? A form of publishing? One of those zine things? Is it about one thing? Many things? A community? A loner? A poor excuse for people to post their Amazon wish list?"

"Why is everyone talking about this Michael Hardt guy? Why is everyone talking to him? Has his book really sold-out and become unavailable on Amazon? Should I pay attention?"

"Cormac McCarthy is so hard. So is Ulysses. Come to think of it, so is relativity."

"I love the New Yorker online!"

"I mean, who hasn't read John Berger?"

"I love heavy metal! And Fargo!"

"Finally. Bestiality is cool."

"I hear that comic books are being considered literature again. Must be true. No one is buying them but they make great movies."

"Eudora Welty... he's the one that invented my email program, right?"

"Should I buy a domain name?"

"Dave Eggers? The guy who did an interview with Mark Eitzel back in '97."

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