jun 29


 Lucky you, another theme issue: Music!

 Just cuz: Debbie Gibson at Britney Spears' new restaurant.

 Nostalgia: The Boombox Museum

 The best file-sharing guide: How to Survive Without Audiogalaxy.

 How bad is radio today? This bad. "Only the best parts of your favorite songs." Ugh.

 I had no idea how gay I was: Top 40 Gay Songs.

 Continuing their excellent (yet poorly named) "Masterpiece" series, Salon.com looks at The Talking Heads' More Songs About Buildings and Food.

 Can you own silence? If you're John Cage, maybe.

 The new Flaming Lips album doesn't come our for a couple weeks, but they have the entire thing available online

 Where's Tarantino? Apparenlty, he's in Japan finishing up work on his latest exploitation film, Kill Bill, starring Uma Thurman. Here's a cheat sheet and here's an interview with Tarantino translated from English to Chinese and back to English again. Ain't It Cool News has more inside scoop, including some information on the Japanese girl punk band The 5,6,7,8's (listen to them here) whose music is apparently in the film. Buy their stuff before all the other kids on the block love them.

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