jul 2


 I want a community puppy. I could never handle having a puppy at home -- I'm never there. However, if I could get an office puppy -- shared by all -- then I would be so happy. Pleeeeeease.... Amazon.com has one, why can't I? Or maybe I'll just get an Aibo. (The 404 page for Amazon has a dog called Rufus. Here's why.)

 For anyone who's interested in keeping up with Ann Coulter gossip (you twisted freak), there's Ann Coulter's Libels In Slander, a blog dedicated to the fembot.

 Neat thesaurus (never really thought I'd say that).

 Breakfast Cereal Character Guide.

 More reason to like the local magazine The Rake: this article, about a structure in my neighborhood that I've always wondered about. Finally, someone has explained its origin.

 I Like To Watch

 Stupid Emmys slight Buffy again. In other Buffy news, I've finished the first season DVD, and have moved on to the second. The first ends with a horrible deus ex machina, but the second might be the single best season.

 Cool, a Wong Kar Wai blog. No, not actually him, but rather an "open blog" for fans to post to. (Regular readers know I like to call Won Kar Wai my favorite active living director.)

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