jul 3


 Be cooler than your friends: buy Christopher Walken's suit from the movie Suicide Kings. I would be the envy of all the hipsters at Chino Latino if I had that.

 Uh, like, hello, wired or tired? I'm not sure why Hot Or Not is suddenly hip again, but this week The New Yorker and the San Fran Metro both published profiles of the founders.

 Whosy? Whatsy? Matt Groening is gonna curate All Tommorrow's Parties 2003? Weird. I mean, cool. But weird. Of course he's an unrecognized genius. (I know, that's a pretty poor excuse to link to that. I'll try harder next time.)

 Those people who use the words "journalist" and "blog" in the same sentence are mourning the demise of Ken Layne's blog. His sidekick-in-industry-exposure, Matt Welch, is also taking a leave of absence. Now if we can knock off Talking Points and InstaPundit and Andrew Sullivan, maybe we'll never see another article about blogging versus journalism. (God, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for saying that. Let the email begin!)

 TiVo meets Xbox: Take a video game console and mix it with a digital video recorder, and whatchya got?

 Want a headache? Read this story from the Times about a mathematical conumdrum known as the Riemann hypothesis (let's call it "The New Fermat").

 Slate.com takes on worldwide Barbie, with surprising results.

 The magazine Yahoo Internet Life is dead. A few years ago, I was editing a competitor to YIL. We lost the battle, but we all lost the war.

 Just when you thought you needn't read another Minority Report review, The Voice wraps six point-counter-points into one piece. (Also, Christgau on Tom Waits.)

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