jul 8

buffy studies

 Amazing. A bi-partisan think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, has published a paper called Biological Welfare and the "Buffy Paradigm" (pdf file). Yes, that Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I feel the world has just tilted in some significant way. Either that, or there's a choice think tank job waiting for me somewhere.

 James Hong, one of the guys behind HotOrNot, has replied to my two-line sarcastic comment about his site ("Wired or Tired"). Frankly, he's completely right about the site's potential as a communications medium. In fact, when I speak to online journalists under the topic "technologies journalists should learn from," HotOrNot always gets mentioned. And, hell, even I'm in there (at a measly 7.6). Sorry James, this damn internet can make the world inconveniently small at times -- especially for a snarky blogger weaned on a Entertainment Weekly culture. Glad to see you had fun at the party.

 Of all the good sites out there that could become tv shows, ClassMates.com has to be the one?

 Speaking of tv, Who Would You Kill On: Sex and the City | The Simpsons | Buffy | The A-Team | The X-Files | etc.

 And speaking of dating, Amy "Long Island Lolita" Fisher has her own column in the New Long Island Ear. The first one is about her impersonating people on the internet to find a date, and subsequently meeting her fiancĂ© through Match.com. Chilling.

 In Europe, Nokia has released a new multimedia imaging phone, which this article suggests will lead to all sorts of subversive nastiness.

 Would you want to have your email or web pages read to you through the phone? Apparently some people do, because AOL and Yahoo and Google all have features that integrate voice and internet functionality. I believe we have a meme -- can someone get CNET on the line?

 Gimme. Frank Zappa's 1975 Rolls-Royce for sale on eBay.

 Going to college in a buried midwestern shelter-belt, I devoured the international papers that poured into the university library. (That was right before they started showing up online.) The Guardian was my favorite, and at one time I dreamt they would let a snotty American kid become an intern there. Although my resume is surely bloody trash now, I still feel privileged to have the site recently link to me in its blog.

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