jul 9

japanese electronics

 Slate.com has a great piece on cool Japanese products you can't have. But rather than just turn on the envy machine, it also points you to Dynamism.com, a site that apparently buys those cool gadgets wholesale, retrofits them with American stuff, and then sells them to you at a 30 percent markup. Tell me you don't want a Sony Vaio GT3/K or a SpyZ camera, both only available in Japan or through Dynamism.com.

 In honor of National Vegetarian Week, the NY Post has an article full of anti-vegetarian propaganda. The source is this week's cover story at TIME, which has its own tempered propaganda. Also, the New York Times Magazine has a gigantic piece about new findings in the fat vs carb debate. And while you're feeling healthy, why don't you go take the vegetables quiz.

 The best part about this roundup of last night's Letterman-Kopple tête-à-tête is that "Style Columnist" Tom Shales refers to Jimmy Kimmel as "whoever the heck that is."

 Big news in my work-play world today. Macromedia has finally released the Flash Communications Server, which is really gonna shake things up. I'm busy playing with it.

 Looks like the MeetUp phenom is picking up. Locally, we have the expected SlashDot and MetaFilter MeetUps, but there's also Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, Nanotech, and Russell Crowe MeetUps in the works.

 In other local news, Fast Company magazine has a big profile of post-flood/fire Grand Forks. Since my exuent from the region, I've been interviewed about the flood/fire by three radio shows, four newspaper reporters, one magazine reporter, two book writers, and one tv documentarian. Thankfully, Fast Company didn't find me, cuz I have nothing left to say. Despite the fawning tone, I'm in agreement with the angle of the article: the region has rebounded in a unique and surprising way. And it also reminded me of this single fact: the city evacuation was the single biggest in American history in the last century.

 Here's an odd little thing coming to town in October: McSweeney's vs. They Might Be Giants. This must be the first time something has been billed "the live version of the journal." Dave Eggers apparently reads a piece, and then the band does a song.

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