jul 21

walker weekend

 Two interesting tv-internet events last night. First, RuPaul on Kilborn tried to mention his most recent blog posting about his all-time favorite male porn stars. Kilborn wanted no part of it. Second, the Oxygen network was airing my favorite Hitchcock movie, Rope. They presented it in letter-box form, and then ran footnote subtitles in the black space underneath. This area contained information related to the film, such as one note that pointed you toward a URL, PhilosophyPages.com's Nietzsche page. Both examples made me think that interactive tv will eventually become a real medium simply because it seems an obvious conclusion to content producers.

 Slate.com collects Corporate Scandal Trading Cards.

 Shift magazine, which has sorta become the more practical Mondo 2000 for this decade, interviews Mondo 2000 founder R.U. Sirius.

 In other intrepid '90s magazine news, it looks like DJ Spooky is trying to relaunch 21C. The first issue has VR visionary Jaron Lanier critiquing Minority Report.

 SF Gate on blogs: Just Another Cultural Co-Op? Conversely, Poynter.org has a piece about using blogs in newsrooms.

 Nirvana news. Courtney looks like hell and Grohl is a cry baby. Ok, you're right, old news.

 I spent a good amount of time at the Walker yesterday, checking out the new One Planet Under A Groove exhibit. Keith Harris scratches the topic in City Pages this week, with giddy but mixed success. In poo-pooing "Academe's" predictable critique of hip-hop, he seems somehow unconscious of his own predictably alt-press playa-hater language. Nonetheless, it's one of the best hip-hop reads I've seen in a while. The one-two punch of the hip-hop exhibit and the Shirin Neshat retrospective makes this the finest art summer I've had since moving here five years ago.

 Minneapolis architect plans world's tallest building in South Korea.

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