jul 23

caffeine soap?

 I first saw Kronos Quartet live a decade ago, at their experimental peak, when the whacked out Purple Haze covers and avant-pop Elvis take-offs were part of their crazy classical repertoire. Cellist Joan Jeanrenaud was one of the first "rock stars" I had a crush on (not counting Joan Jett, of course). So I was naturally excited to see they have scheduled three shows (1, 2, 3) in Minneapolis in the coming year. And I was naturally disappointed to see the Slate.com absolutely slagged them today.

 Caffeine Soap.

 Those in the advertising industry (aren't we all?) might enjoy this spoof site: Ad Week.

 I kid you not: Britney4Wheelers.com, Britney's own line of skates.

 I talk the talk about my new phone, but I don't have a Vertu. You can apparently only buy one "by appointment," and they're in the 5-figure dollar range.

 In local news, City Pages publisher Mark Bartel has canned editor Tom Finkel. The reason? "I wanted the editorial to take more chances, to be edgier." That sounds both good and bad. Either CP will become more investigative and irreverent, or it will become more tabloidish. [In other local media news, music critic Jim Walsh has left the Pioneer Press to study at Stanford on a Knight Fellowship.]

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