jul 24


 I saw Hani Rashid of Asymptote speak last night. I arrived thinking I was unfamiliar with his design/architecture work, but it turns out that I've mentioned many of his projects right here. Asymptote is behind the Knoll super-organic cubes, the NYSE's web environment and experimental 3D trading room, and a new controversial World Trade Center proposal. MPR also has an interview (audio) with Rashid. The new Asymptote website has gobs of other stuff.

 I bought a Free Winona t-shirt, but I doubt the Save Martha chef's hat is my style.

 Last week, I got the weirdest thing off Amazon.com, and it arrived today: CD of Marshall McLuhan's Medium Is the Massage imported from Japan. It's a sound collage with McLuhan's voice mixed in with crazy sound effects. Imagine Rod McKuen meets William Burroughs meets DJ Shadow. (Or don't.) It was originally released in 1967, and now I wonder if it was even ever released in the U.S. and if it was popular.

 The Voice has the most revealing review of the new Flaming Lips album so far.

 Guess who's got blogs now: blogs.salon.com.

 This gives me one of those "the internet is so cool" sensations: The Wacky World of Japanese Ice Cream. Wasabi ice cream? Cactus? Eel? Ox tongue?

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