jul 25

apple a day

 Funniest thing I've read all week: Rush loves Apple, but feels they're having financial problems because of their politics.

 Typorganism has created numerous interesting alt-application but Good News / Bad News is my favorite. On the left appears headlines and pictures from CNN, and on the right appears headlines and pictures contributed by users. The juxtaposition creates a dynamic commentary on news composition.

 Wow, a gigantic collection of genuine unknown band photos. Compelling in a I-Have-No-Idea-Why sense. The commentary is funny too.

 Does anyone remember Plunderphonic? It was a Negativelandish project from cut-and-paste musician John Oswald that sampled Metallica, Dolly Parton, Elvis and everyone else. Of course he got sued, and the CD was recalled, but it's now entirely available as MP3s or a jukebox

 Wired News profiles Dack's cell phone movies. Dack is a Minneapolis designer considered one of the people on the forefront of the blogging and design communities. Dack.com made a radical change after 9/11 to become a politically-centered blog. None of this is chronicled in the Wired story, even though it's probably more interesting.

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