jul 27

cold war heads

 I finished reading Snow Crash last week, and now I'm on to Survival City by Tom Vanderbilt. The subtitle is "Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America," and the first sentence is "I want to get to where the Cold War is still ending in America, so I set out after sunrise one early July morning from Grand Forks, North Dakota, bearing west on U.S. 2." I'm gonna love this book. Vanderbilt has written similar pieces touching on Cold War architecture for Metropolis and ArtByte.

 Here are the results of the new media convening I was part of a couple weeks back: What New Technologies Could Mean For Journalists. We also had a session in which we tried to imagine what the future of news holds for us. We each took on personas of an imagined media food chain. The outcomes.

 What the critics are saying (worse than I expected) about Wilco's I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (trailer).

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