jul 31

Monkey Business2

Speaking of bestiality (or is it miscegenation?), I saw Planet of the Apes tonight. Some thoughts:

  1. Anyone else wonder when Tim Burton will make a great movie again?
  2. Anyone else think it's weird that you could place most of the ape voices to real actors, but that blonde girl had a "I'm sure I know her" quality that you couldn't quite put your finger on (is she the Victoria's Secret girl? was she in that island movie with Leonardo that no one saw? turns out she actually is a nobody, so far).
  3. Anyone else try to draw comparisons between Mark Wahlberg and Charleton Heston?
  4. Anyone else wonder why he only kisses the cute monkey and makes out with the blonde?
  5. Anyone else upset that the ending is the only campy part of what should've been a camp-fest?

In other simian-act news, when I was on the Internet Movie Database, I noticed the posters pages have a right-click-disabling javascript. Who the hell does Amazon think they're fooling? Do they really think they can prevent people from downloading images that way? It makes me want to "steal" them just for the sake of it.

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