jul 29


 I guess it was bound to happen sometime. William Safire on "blog."

 I've seen a few sites linking to Behind The Typeface: Cooper Black, an ode to the typeface. I finally watched it today, and found it wonderfully funny. (See also: The Scourge of Arial and Typography Timeline.)

 Times Mag profiles a movie trailer director. Additionally, the guy who created Napster is interviewed, with some good questions like "Do you ever buy music?"

 Punk Rock Aerobics.

 Mouse Pad Couch.

 Orrin Hatch, composer.

 Jimmy Carter's UFO Sighting

 Once a publishing heir apparent, Ziff-Davis might file for bankruptcy.

 Part of the miraculously uninspired Block E expansion in downtown Minneapolis will be a Le Meridien Art + Tech hotel. If you're the kind of person who is wowie-zowied by plasma screens, backlit photos, and personalized linen, then this is the place for you. If you're more into public simulated entertainment, Block E will also house GameWorks, an entertainment plex built by Sega. Ho-hum.

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