jul 30


 Dear god, I'm full of links today. Hang 10:

 Steven Soderberg gets Julia Roberts, David Duchovny, Catherine Keener, and David Hyde Pierce to star in his new film, Full Frontal (that website has been getting good reviews in places like Entertainment Weekly), and he doesn't even show their faces in the trailer.

 Salman Rushdie has a WTC Memorial idea.

 Until it's officially released August 27, Aimee Mann is streaming her entire next album online.

 Remember that Adobe vs. Macromedia lawsuit? Well, it's over, but this isn't very revealing.

 Forget Google's zeitgeist, I'd much rather know if Adorno is beating Deleuze or Godard is trouncing Truffaut at TextZ's own zeitgeist page.

 New Ftrain.com: August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and eBay to the Semantic Web. It's the imagined future of a business magazine published in 2009. I think it's seriously possible that terms like "semantic web" and "RDF" will catch on simply because of this piece of fiction. Stay tuned.

 Cool collection of politically-charged 3D/graph art/music: Pleix. I recommend Plaid: Itsu and Beauty Kit.

 New Michelle Yeoh flick: The Touch. (Trailer.)

 Peter Greenaway: "Cinema is dead." He said this at the opening for his exhibition of paintings. Knuck, knuck.

 The guys who wrote Dow 36,000 still think it will happen.

 Dan Savage interviewed.

 Fascinating video of Philo T. Farnsworth from 1957 game show "I've Got a Secret."

 McSweeney's: The Graffiti of Minneapolis. "Eden Prairie Sucks."

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