jul 31


 I suppose everyone has one day of the week called "tv night." Mine is now Wednesdays. No, Buffy isn't moving timeslots. Rather, Bravo has mustered up back-to-back programming made for media dorks like me. First there's the much-discussed tv drama Breaking News. It's slightly more campy than a CSI or Law & Order, which makes it both more entertaining and more eye-rolling. Here's a review and a preview. That bit of tv media spectacle is followed by a newspaper drama, Deadline, which mimics the life of a New Yawk tabloid like the Post. This one's more star-studded, and includes the lovable Oliver Platt and even-more-lovable Bebe Neuwirth and simply-adorable Lili Taylor. Between the two, there have been three episodes so far, and I'll just say that mimesis is not what it's all about.

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