aug 5

lady trek

 A geek's heaven: The Ladies Of Star Trek. Is that Bjork?

 The Times has a story about the Center for Strategic and International Studies study that invokes Buffy. In other Buffy news, did you know that Anthony Stewart Head (the guy who plays Giles) has an electronic album out? It's #12 on the Electonica Best-Sellers list.

 More digi-art: Mark Amerika's FilmText. And since we're in the mood: Katuso and Life Is Simple.

 I'm not exactly sure what Disciple Films is, but it contains some interesting projects.

 Taboo Surfing: Click Here for Iran... ...And Click Here for China.

 The news that is discontinuing its discussion boards and replacing them with blogs is a big deal in my industry. If you care about that kind of thing, you might care about the pressure MSNBC is getting to change to be more like MSN.

 The place to be seen in NYC: Michael's.

 Too much linking to the Times today, but this story about the malleability of a pop star is just too good.

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