aug 8

media ethics

 We had an interesting "ethicial judgement" around the office recently. You know this story about the two teenage girls in California who were kidnapped and raped? First, in an effort to help find the kidnapped teens, the media released the pictures and names of the victims. Then, after they were found, the media had to stop running their pictures and names because they were suddenly now minors who had been assaulted. But then, days later, they were already self-appointed celebrities, appearing on tv programs like the Today show, at which point running their pictures became normal again. Phew, ethics really falls apart in world of big media and floating identity.

 Submit your own WTC site proposal. (via Scrubbles, which has become a regular visit.)

 I generally enjoy, but How Knuckle Cracking Works was precisely what I wanted to know today.

 Gimme. Reservoir Dogs Action Figures.

 Better commuting vehicles?

 Saturday morning cartoons schedules from the '50s to present.

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