aug 9


 Where have I been? Did you know that Steven Soderbergh is directing an adaption of Solaris? Stanislaw Lem's novel is one of my favorite SF works, and I'm just itchin to see how this version (starring Clooney!) will compare to Tarkovsky's. From the trailer, it looks like it's out in December.

 Still in the SF department, I recently stumbled across this collection of electronica/dance remakes of sci-fi soundtracks.

 I love it when people insist that we should all be dumber. "I'm not stupid, you're pretentious," is the battle cry of these morons. If Annie Proulx is too difficult for you, think about going back to Dick and Jane, y'alright? Seriously claiming that Stephen King is a better writer than Don DeLillo should get you a public lashing. The book in question, A Reader's Manifesto: An Attack on Pretentiousness in American Literary Prose, is based on this essay from the Atlantic Monthly.

 For theory-headz: Jacques Derrida's eulogy of Gilles Deleuze.

 Sight and Sound poll of 145 critics and 108 directors indicates that I like the director's list more than I like the critic's list.

 I hope this can start a trend. Maybe it's called "literary flash art." Beckett's Bounce.

 I just added a one year ago today link over there to the right under the calendar. It will automatically update whatever I posted here exactly a year ago.

 And, of course, Friday fun: classic video games done in Flash.

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