aug 11

future tech

 One year ago today, I wrote a piece about how my media reading/purchasing habits have changed. Today, I'm reflecting on how my blogging habits have changed. When I started this site, the purpose was simply to give me a place to post projects that I'm working on: a personality blog. It quickly changed to things I've been thinking about: a media commentary blog. Most recently, it changed to being predominantly about places I surf: a link blog. I'm not sure how I feel about this transformation, but the way it has changed has never been consciously calculated. With the surfeit of opinion-makers out there, I became less interested in writing about anything. But I worry the place has lost its personality -- links can only say so much about a person, right? Or maybe not. On with this links:

 It sounds like the authors of The Rules for Online Dating just don't get it. Example quote: "[Instant Messaging is] like a free date, which we don't allow. We want men to court us, to ask us out in advance."

 The Times asks: Does Architecture Have Ideology? Looks at a planned exhibition and catalogue of occupation architecture in Palestine.

 Hearing Is Believing. This piece from Newsweek is a week old, but I just stumbled across it. Woody Norris, an inventor based in San Diego, has developed an audio technology that can throw sound 100 yards to a single person -- and only that person will hear the sound. The implications are immense, but the article references what I immediately thought of: using it in clubs. (I know, how un-inspired.) Popular Mechanics also has a cover story refering to a different invention of his: personal flight devices.

 The new PC Mag tries to out-wire Wired with a large set of stories on The Future of Technology. The section titled The Future in Gear will probably tantalize you the most.

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