aug 13

famous people who punch

 Just one of the many college friends who at one point punched me and is now quasi-famous, June Panic has a new album out soon. I'm having fun with I made my first list: College Friends Who Punched Me. All true.

 There's also this new feature at Amazon: Just Like You. It compares your buying patterns with other customers who bought similar things, and then presents a page that says, for example, "Just Like You: a customer from New York." It has an eerie feel to it, as though it's matching you up with someone you don't know, but you're certain should be your friend, based upon the simple fact you both bought Radiohead. But Amazon frustratingly doesn't inform you who the person is who's supposedly... Just! Like! You!

 Twist & Sprout is God's gift to suburban-working dot-commers. There's nowhere descent to eat in my far-flung workplace, which I'm constantly complaining about. So I've become an expert in microwave cuisine. If you can find these Twist & Sprout things where you live, buy a hundred of them. They're the best thing to ever come out of a microwave.

 I never realized how bad of a human being I am until I took this test.

 My roommate made an insane movie.

 New favorite Buffy quote:
Willow: You think I'm boring.
Oz: I'd call that a radical interpretation of the text.

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